“Some believe that art is the imitation of nature; in fact, nature is so sublime that it cannot be imitated. However noble it may be, art cannot perform a single one of the miracles of nature. And besides, why imitate nature when it can be perceived by all those endowed with senses?”
-- Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


When I am not possessed by GWs, I enjoy writing poetry or short-stories - mostly in my vernacular language 'Bangla'.
Some of my writings could be found here.


I find peace in painting - mostly landscapes. Portraits are too difficult, right?

Digital Arts

I am recently exploring digital arts. This is fun!

Sunset Clicks

I try to capture the evening sky wherever I go. These clicks have been taken in Kolkata (India), Bangalore (India), Mumbai (India), Marseille (France) and New Bedford (USA).


Reciting bengali poems is my hobby. You can find some of my works here.