GW Software Packages

Publicly available gravitational waves related packages I have developed or made significant contributions to:


GWSurrogate is an easy to use interface to gravitational wave surrogate models built using numerical relativity waveforms.

Surrogates provide a fast and accurate evaluation mechanism for gravitational waveforms which would otherwise be found through solving differential equations.

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EMRISurrogate package provides access to a surrogate gravitational waveform model.

Currently, this package supports one model, EMRISur1dq1e4, for non-spinning black hole binary systems with mass-ratios varying from 3 to 10000. This surrogate model is trained on waveform data generated by point-particle black hole perturbation theory.



BHPTNRSurrogate package provides access to a family of surrogate gravitational waveform models built on waveforms generated with point-particle black hole perturbation theory (ppBHPT) framework.

These models extend from comparable mass-ratio to large mass-ratio regimes and are tuned to numerical relativity (NR) waveforms at the comprable-mass-ratio regime. Many harmonic modes are included, for example the BHPTNRSur1dq1e4 model includes up to up to l=10.

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cogwheel is a code for parameter estimation of gravitational wave sources.

It implements a convenient system of coordinates for sampling, a "folding" algorithm to reduce the multimodality of posteriors, and the relative binning algorithm for fast likelihood evaluation (generalized to waveforms with higher modes).

It further supports a rapid parameter estimation framework that is capable of analyzing a binary-black-hole signal in ~200 seconds and a binary-neutron-star signal in ~250 seconds.