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Gravitational Waves

  • "Mapping between black-hole perturbation theory and numerical relativity: gravitational-wave energy flux",
    Tousif Islam;
    arXiv:2310.05743 [gr-qc] [Submitted to PRD]
  • "Analysis of GWTC-3 with fully precessing numerical relativity surrogate models",
    Tousif Islam, Avi Vajpeyi, Feroz Shaik, Carl-Johan Haster, Vijay Varma, Scott Field, Jacob Lange, Richard O'Shaughnessy and Rory Smith;
    arXiv:2309.14473 [gr-qc] [Submitted to PRD]
  • "On the approximate relation between black-hole perturbation theory and numerical relativity",
    Tousif Islam and Gaurav Khanna;
    arXiv:2307.03155 [gr-qc] [Submitted to PRD]
  • "Interplay between numerical-relativity and black hole perturbation theory in the intermediate-mass-ratio regime",
    Tousif Islam;
    Phys. Rev. D 108, 044013 (2023); arXiv:2306.08771 [gr-qc];
  • "Interplay between numerical relativity and perturbation theory : finite size effects",
    Tousif Islam and Gaurav Khanna;
    Phys. Rev. D 108, 044012 (2023); arXiv:2306.08767 [gr-qc];
  • "Remnant black hole properties from numerical-relativity-informed perturbation theory and implications for waveform modelling",
    Tousif Islam, Scott Field and Gaurav Khanna;
    Phys. Rev. D 108, 064048 (2023); arXiv:2301.07215 [gr-qc];
  • "Factorized Parameter Estimation for Real-Time Gravitational Wave Inference",
    Tousif Islam, Javier Roulet and Tejaswi Venumadhav;
    arXiv:2210.16278 [gr-qc] [Submitted to PRD]
  • "Removing degeneracy and multimodality in gravitational wave source parameters",
    Javier Roulet, Seth Olsen, Jonathan Mushkin, Tousif Islam, Tejaswi Venumadhav, Barak Zackay and Matias Zaldarriaga;
    Phys. Rev. D 106, 123015 (2022); arXiv:2207.03508 [gr-qc];
  • "Surrogate model for gravitational wave signals from non-spinning, comparable- to large-mass-ratio black hole binaries built on black hole perturbation theory waveforms calibrated to numerical relativity",
    Tousif Islam, Scott E. Field, Scott A. Hughes, Gaurav Khanna, Vijay Varma, Matthew Giesler, Mark A. Scheel, Lawrence E. Kidder, and Harald P. Pfeiffer;
    Phys. Rev. D 106, 104025 (2022); arXiv:2204.01972 [gr-qc];
  • "Evidence of large recoil velocity from a black hole merger signal",
    Vijay Varma, Sylvia Biscoveanu, Tousif Islam, Feroz H. Shaik, Carl-Johan Haster, Maximiliano Isi, Will M. Farr, Scott E. Field and Salvatore Vitale;
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 191102 (2023); arXiv:2201.01302 [gr-qc];
  • "Applying higher-modes consistency test on GW190814 : lessons on no-hair theorem, nature of the secondary compact object and waveform modeling",
    Tousif Islam;
    arXiv:2111.00111 [gr-qc] [Submitted to PRD]
  • "Survey of gravitational wave memory in intermediate mass ratio binaries",
    Tousif Islam, Scott Field, Gaurav Khanna & Niels Warburton;
    Phys. Rev. D 108, 024046 (2023); arXiv:2109.00754 [gr-qc];
  • "High-precision source characterization of intermediate mass-ratio black hole coalescences with gravitational waves: The importance of higher-order multipoles",
    Tousif Islam, Scott Field, Carl-Johan Haster & Rory Smith;
    Phys. Rev. D 104, 084068 (2021); arXiv:2105.04422 [gr-qc]
  • "Eccentric binary black hole surrogate models for the gravitational waveform and remnant properties: comparable mass, nonspinning case",
    Tousif Islam, Vijay Varma, Jackie Lodman, Scott E. Field, Gaurav Khanna, Mark A. Scheel, Harald P. Pfeiffer, Davide Gerosa, and Lawrence E. Kidder;
    Phys. Rev. D 103, 064022 (2021); arXiv:2101.11798 [gr-qc]
  • "Improved analysis of GW190412 with aprecessing numerical relativity surrogate waveform model",
    Tousif Islam, Scott Field, Carl-Johan Haster & Rory Smith;
    Phys. Rev. D 103, 104027 (2021); arXiv:2010.04848 [gr-qc]
  • "Testing the "No-hair" nature of binary black holes using the consistency of multipolar gravitational radiation",
    Tousif Islam, Ajit K. Mehta, Abhirup Ghosh, Vijay Varma, P. Ajith & B. S. Sathyaprakash;
    Phys. Rev. D 101, 024032 (2020); arXiv:1910.14259 [gr-qc]

Beyond General Relativity

Masters Thesis